Harnessing knowledge to drive growth

How do you build a professional organisation focused on growth without compromising on a high level of customer service? “By assigning clear roles and responsibilities and putting systems in place to allow more oversight, we can help our customers more effectively and use our accumulated knowledge as a catalyst for growth,” says Yves Thiers. He and Legia Capital became shareholders in Spinnekop in January 2022 and Yves was then appointed CEO.

From start to finish

Spinnekop manufactures machinery used for processing frozen vegetables and potato products. The company was founded in the 1960s and has been a family business (run by father and son-in-law) since 1995. The people at Spinnekop are machine builders with a passion for technology. The key to the company’s success is its integrated approach: Spinnekop takes care of every step from start to finish, designing, manufacturing, installing and where necessary modifying machines.

Growth potential

When Yves Thiers met the two-man team behind Spinnekop, he immediately realised that the company had huge growth potential, provided its organisation and systems were streamlined. “There were two challenges: first, we had to make sure everyone could benefit from the CEO’s vast knowledge and experience, and second, we needed to free up time and resources for projects that would help the company operate more professionally. And while all this was going on, customers should still be able to enjoy the same high standard of service.”


Since January 2022, new roles and responsibilities have gradually been assigned. Departments with departmental heads have emerged from the previous flat organisational structure. “The engineering department is the core of our company,” Yves points out. “To lighten their load, we recruited a new salesperson, an administrative assistant and a cost accountant. We also filled some vacancies. With our team numbers boosted, we endeavour to provide at least the same level of customer service as before, even though our sales have also increased. Spinnekop’s new organisation must be as robust as the machinery we supply to our customers.”

Spinnekop’s new organisation must be as robust as the machinery we supply to our customers.

Yves Thiers, Buy-In Manager and CEO of Spinnekop


Custom machinery for agriculture and industry


Investment date:
January 2022