Aeolus Group

Each person has their own expertise – we complement each other

Back in 2016, Geert Viaene had no one in his family who could take over his business. Today, he retains an executive position within the Aeolus Group, which incorporates his company and two Dutch add-on acquisitions. “We’ve never had it so good.”

Three companies

The Aeolus Group specialises in engineering, installation and servicing of ventilation equipment, with a particular focus on dust extraction systems and recycling. The Group operates mainly in the wood, paper, plastic and recycling sectors, and currently comprises three companies: Amotec in Belgium and Holtrop & Jansma and PCK in the Netherlands.

No family succession

Amotec is the beating heart of the Group, but CEO Geert Viaene found himself in the position of having no immediate family members to succeed him. When he came across Legia Capital, he quickly made up his mind to enlist their services. “Bernard knows our industry and, like us, is from West Flanders. Later add-on acquisitions in the Netherlands raised the same succession problem and the human aspect really came to the fore: you can buy buildings and machinery anywhere, but it’s people that make a real difference.”

Still at the helm

The two acquisitions in the Netherlands expanded both the Group’s geographical footprint and its product portfolio. The three companies were incorporated into the Aeolus Group, which emerged as market leader in the Benelux. The aim is to scale up further, both organically and through acquisitions. Geert: “Legia Capital helped us with the add-on acquisitions and the integration of the companies. I’m no longer the owner, but I remain at the helm as CEO of Amotec within the Group. We’ve never had it so good under the Aeolus banner. I’m proud of what we’ve achieved and I’ve also learned a lot in the past few years. For instance, when you run a small business, you have to take a step or two back once in a while. And that you can be very proud of a product you develop. Each person has their own expertise – we complement each other.”

Bernard is interested in what you make. That really mattered to me.

Geert Viaene, CEO Amotec (part of Aeolus Group)


Engineering, production, installation and servicing of ventilation equipment and dust extraction systems.

Buy & build

Investment date:
March 2017